KNX For Your Home

Your smart home, your way!

KNX offers multiple design options and a unique range of products. This allows you to create your own unique smart home that answers your needs perfectly.

Unlimited possibilities

Wake up in the morning by slowly opening your shutters, create a cozy light atmosphere in the evening or set up a routine to give the impression that you’re home when you’re not.

With KNX the choice is completely yours! Our technology can be used for different applications and a broad range of products.

Comfort, safety and ease

With our easy-to-use interface you’re in control of your own smart home. We offer the highest comfort and a secure installation. Smart was never that easy!

Manage your smart home instantly on your smartphone or tablet. Set your thermostat, adjust your lights, log in to your alarm system… with just one click! It’s as easy as checking your social media.

Control everything, from everywhere

With KNX you can combine all kinds of smart home solutions to automate and simplify your daily life. We are your all-in-one system to a home that breathes along with you.

  • Lighting and Dimming

    Experience the uniqueness of smart lighting at your home with Interra lighting and dimming solutions. Create personal lighting scenarios suitable for your own lifestyle.

  • Mobile Control

    InterraPro application allows you to control your smart home with your Android or IOS mobile devices. All features like automation scenarios, concierge services, alarms, cameras and intercom communication can be controlled wherever you are and you can get instant notification from your home if someone rings the bell or if there is an emergency situation

  • Smart scenarios

    Your life, your choices. With Interra smart home technology, you can create personalized scenarios and activate them with one click to enjoy the comfort you desire in your sweet home.

  • HVAC solutions

    Interra HVAC solutions you can control the operating time of your heating and cooling systems as your wish.

Author Credit: KNX Assosiation

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